The battle of supremacy among online gaming providers is at its peak. The industry has seen an influx of high-quality players and service providers. These providers include Topnetent-casinos . Most players look for ways to make a profit without being scammed. This new development has forced big gaming service providers to tailor-make services that will appeal to a majority of players. One such battle is seen in Netent Vs. Playtech. Both service providers claim to offer better quality service and a superior proposition to players for them to win large amounts of cash. What makes each service provider better than the other?


Why Should You Choose Netent Instead of Playtech?

It is a common belief that online casino providers can get the services of any providers. This statement could not be far from the truth. Each developer of an online gambling service offers a unique service that may be more profitable to one online casino and not offer many benefits to another. It is, therefore, crucial for online casinos such as to understand the difference between gaming providers to have a better chance of securing their client's information and earning more profits in the long run. Here two important reasons why you should play on Netent casinos and not any other service provider:

  1. Random number generators have a high degree of scatter wins
  2. You can be allowed to test slots in free mode

There are many more reasons why you should use Netent. You are allowed to set smooth operations of the program as you gamble online. Netent is more concerned with the fairness and integrity of the game-play for every player. The company introduced a stable system to achieve its need for integrity and fairness in play, meaning that a bet is returned to a gambler's account when a bond is broken before a game round comes to an end. In turn, the numerical order of characters is restored to its original place. The system is also restored at the point of rupture in case of system interference.

What Does Statistics Reveal about Netent Vs. Playtech

iGaming statistics in 2017 revealed that both Netent and Playtech scooped the best positions among casino software available in the UK at the time. The research was divided into sportsbooks and traditional casino sites. On powering online casinos, Netent came second after Playtech. Other service providers performed poorly compared to the two market leaders. Playtech also outshines Netent on sports betting websites. However, the two industry leaders were given a run for their money by other companies on sportsbooks. Companies such as SG Interactive and Blueprint were hot on their heels. Nonetheless, the two still maintained their top positions on online gaming. Why?

  • Because they are fairly large
  • The companies have a competitive advantage

The two companies also compete financially. According to statistics, Playtech, which is listed on London Stock Exchange, had shares trading at $7.1 as of mid-August 2018. Netent, on the other hand, is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. During the same period, the company's share traded at $3.9 for every unit traded in the market. In 2017, Playtech recorded revenue of $990 million while Netent posted revenue of $175 million. It is apparent that Playtech has the financial and market share advantage over Netent. However, players love Netent for its innovative approach to gaming software development. It has great features for the modern player.