The year was 1994, I was in form 2 and ready to sit for my final JCE (Junior certificate examination). I was called into the office by my head master , who told me that I will never pass my exams, no matter what I do. I looked at him straight in the eyes and challenged him saying, “I will pass my exams”. Indeed at the end of the term, when the results came out , I passed my exams and progressed .

The scripture says, “Death and life is in the power of the tongue”. Words are so powerful , that when spoken and not refused , ones life can be distracted. The scripture in Isaiah 54:17 says that we should refute every word that speaks against our lives.

I encourage you today, to learn the art of refusing any negative word towards you. Fight these negative words with the word of God. 1 John 5:4 ” You are born of God and therefore you are an overcomer”. Don’t let anyone kill your destiny, future, family, ministry and so forth, with words that are negative.

God Bless

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