Never met a father like you – By Bishop S. Kaunda

Never met a father like you. It was in 2000 when I lost my real dad, a great man, who loved his family, and he would do anything to support his children. He was the pillar and the apotheosis of our lives.

On the 29th of September 2000, he breathed his last, it was a terrible day never to be forgotten. I was in Uganda when this happened and when the news of his passing reached me, it took me 5 days to get home in Malawi, by the time I arrived, he had already been buried and I missed the ceremony.

After his death, life was never the same, it was tough but God used this difficult situation to reveal his faithfulness to us. We learned to rely on him as our father (Psalm 68:5, Psalm 55:22)

He took care of us, protected, defended and provided for us. Today I want to introduce you to this father. Sin alienates us from him but his desire is for us to know him as our dad. He sent Jesus Christ to die for us on the cross so that through his death we can be reconciled back to him.

I encourage you to study the book of John and get to know more of this loving God.

God Bless

3 thoughts on “Never met a father like you – By Bishop S. Kaunda

  1. I have a father who never ever leave me (Jesus Christ).In the flesh it is very difficult to lose a biological father but if only we knew in spirit that our Lord will never leave us…we would seek him more love him more and always cling and rely on him.I love my daddy…the one from above (Jesus Christ)!

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