God is bigger than our trouble by Bishop S. Kaunda

John 16:33- Jesus said, in this world, we will have trouble, but be of good cheer, I have overcome.

Friends for as long as we are clothed in this flesh and live in this world, trouble and perilous times will come.

As a matter of fact in Luke 17:1- Jesus said ,”it is impossible not to have troublesome time”.

In Psalm 34:19-20- David said,”many are the afflictions of a righteous man”.Take note of that word “many” I wish it was a few but that is not the case. No-one is exempted from trouble. Jesus the son of God went through it and we will go through it as well. However here is what we need to know. Whenever we are faced with problems understand that, God is bigger than your problems.

Therefore be confident of this, that he will see you through and pull you out of all your troubles. He will bring you to a large and spacious land , where your life will thrive and be the best he created you to be. Don’t lose sight of this truth. Trouble comes from different sources. As a matter of fact James says they are various trials. Trouble comes from the devil, flesh, ourselves and people. God allows this to happen in our lives so that he can work in us both to will and act according to his good purpose. However in all this , you and me are more than conquerors why? God is bigger than our trouble.


God bless